This Payment Plan Agreement (“Agreement”) outlines the terms and conditions of the payment arrangement for the enrollment in the course provided by Hooked by Kati LLC (“Provider”). By enrolling in the course and selecting the payment plan, you acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth below.

1. Payment Schedule:

1.1. The total enrollment fee for the course is $397. This amount shall be paid in full through a series of four (4) monthly payments.

1.2. Each monthly payment shall amount to $99.25.

1.3. Payments shall be made on the same date each month, starting from the date of initial enrollment.

2. Nature of Payment Plan:

2.1. This payment plan is not a subscription plan. It is a contractual agreement to fulfill the total enrollment fee of $397 over the course of four months.

2.2. Upon the completion of the final payment, you will have fulfilled your financial obligation to enroll in the course and will have access to all course materials.

3. Payment Obligations:

3.1. By enrolling in the payment plan, you commit to making each monthly payment of $99.25 as outlined in section 1.

3.2. Failure to make a scheduled payment will result in the immediate suspension of your access to the course materials, even if prior payments have been made.

4. Collection and Remedies:

4.1. In the event of failure to make a scheduled payment, Provider reserves the right to take appropriate action to collect the outstanding payment, including but not limited to sending your account to collections.

4.2. Any additional costs or fees incurred by Provider in the process of collecting outstanding payments, including legal fees and collection agency fees, shall be the responsibility of the delinquent party.

5. Termination of Agreement:

5.1. This Agreement shall terminate automatically upon the successful completion of all four monthly payments, resulting in full access to the course materials.

5.2. In case of violation of the payment terms or breach of this Agreement, Provider reserves the right to terminate your access to the course materials without refund of any prior payments.

By enrolling in the payment plan, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between you and Provider regarding the payment plan for course enrollment.